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Selected Publications

Coupled active systems encode emergent behavioral dynamics of the unicellular predator Lacrymaria olor.
S Coyle, E Flaum, HQ Li, D Krisnamurthy, M Prakash; 2018; Bioarxiv preprint


Mapping the functional versatility and fragility of Ras GTPase signaling circuits through in vitro network reconstitution
S Coyle, WA Lim; Elife 5, e12435


Exploitation of latent allostery enables the evolution of new modes of MAP kinase regulation
SM Coyle, J Flores, WA Lim; Cell 154 (4), 875-887


Conformational Control of the Ste5 Scaffold Protein Insulates Against MAP Kinase Misactivation
JG Zalatan*, SM Coyle*, S Rajan, SS Sidhu, WA Lim; Science 337 (6099), 1218


Direct link between RACK1 function and localization at the ribosome in vivo
SM Coyle, WV Gilbert, JA Doudna; Molecular and cellular biology 29 (6), 1626-1634


Starvation induces genomic rearrangements and starvation-resilient phenotypes in yeast
S Coyle, E Kroll; Molecular biology and evolution 25 (2), 310-318

*equal contribution